Locked Up In Chastity

My beautiful girlfriend locked me in chastity and I plan on documenting it. This will be where I post any chastity captions I make, like, or anything else I found hot. Or anything I have to say .

Guess who’s back back again

That’s right the fiance and I are doing T&D again going to be a big switch from the deepthroat blowjob w/ swallow I got tonight.

Update i am now engaged to my wonderful best friend. We haven’t done chastity for about 3 months we have been having sex about 2x a day. But she she just whispered in my ear after I came in her ass “I’ve been spoiling you, it’s going to be rough when I lock you back up….” So look out might be an back in my cage soon.

Hey new captions on the way, had some free time from classes over thanksgiving break. So keep a look out for some more of my captions soon.